Teaching at Singapore Institute of Technology

Teaching, Singapore Institute of Technology, 2017

I was an Assistant Professor in Information Systems and Analytics at Singapore Institute of Technology from 2017 to 2021.

Courses Taught

At Singapore Institute of Technology, I teach the following courses:

  • Enterprise Accounting Applications: In this course, students are equipped with tool skills in accounting, for example, accounting and enterprise applications, data analytics and visualization tools. Students are exposed to the above technologies to better harness the features of the technologies and be able to leverage data and information for data-driven decision making.
  • Accounting Information Systems: The course starts with the nature of systems in the real world and how to document the systems. The course, then, will explain how to make sure the accounting systems are effectively managed and how information systems can be used to support accounting decision making within organizations.
  • Automation and Analytics/Accounting and Financial Modelling: In this course, students will be able to apply robotic process automation in accounting. Students also apply data analytics in multiple accounting setting, from descriptive, diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive analytics. This course equips students with tools skills, such as data visualization and Python programming.
  • Corporate Reporting and Financial Analysis – Data Analytics Specialization and Strategic Management Accounting – Data Analytics Specialization: Data analytics is attached in this course to equip students with the contextualized problems. Case-based scenarios are provided to help students comprehend the use of data analytics for particular purposes.
  • Data Analytics Workshop for Internship Students: This one-day workshop is provided to SIT students who will undertake internships at accounting firms. The workshop equips students with practical skills on how to use data analytics applications in the workplaces given particular situations. This course also prepares students with communication skills on interpreting the results of data analytics.