Teaching at Monash University

Teaching, Monash University, 2021

I am an Associate Professor for Data Science Programme at Monash University, from 2021 to Present.

Courses Taught

At Monash University, I am teaching postgraduate courses as follows:

  • Introduction to Database: This unit will introduce the concept of data management in an organisation through relational database technology. Theoretical foundation of relational model, analysis and design, implementation of relational database using SQL will be covered.
  • Computer Architecture and Networks: This unit will introduce students to fundamentals of computer systems, with a focus on modern operating systems and networking technology. It covers: CPU, memory, storage and peripherals; Operating System basics; TCP/IP layered protocols; WAN and LAN networking fundamentals; internetworking and transport protocols; and basic concepts of computer and network security.
  • Data exploration and visualisation: This unit introduces statistical and visualisation techniques for the exploratory analysis of data. It covers the role of data visualisation in data science and its limitations. Visualisation of qualitative, quantitative, temporal and spatial data is presented. What makes an effective data visualisation, interactive data visualisation, and creating data visualisations with R and other tools is also presented.
  • Algorithms and Programming Foundations in Python: The course includes topics in statistical and exploratory analysis, data formats and languages, processing of massive data sets, management of data and its role and impact in an organisation and society. Students will be able to apply your learning, knowledge and skills as part of the assessment process and have the opportunity to complete either a research project or an industry experience studio project.